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Food blog: Taste of Mysore

One of my favorite food blogs is Taste of Mysore. I don’t remember how I came across this blog, but there are lots of interesting recipes listed on this blog.

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What’s up with Ash gourd and milk?


Recently we prepared Ash Gourd / white pumpkin (boodh kumbalakaayi) halwa / dumrot. It somehow turned bitter and not really sweet. We couldn’t figure out looking at the ingredients of any items that could possibly make the finished product bitter.

However, I remember drinking the remained pumpkin extract (water) with some black pepper powder in my school days. I just tried that after preparing this halwa. It tasted fine at the time. I also heard if the gourd itself was a little bitter and that caused the end product bitter; but it wasn’t so. I now tried the same extract (water) warmed a little bit; put some pepper like the previous round but additionally added a little bit of milk and warmed again. I started sipping this sample. Although it was ok for initial couple of sips, I started sensing the bitter-ness. Well, milk was the only ingredient I added this time. so, this means warming up both ash gourd and milk would give bitter taste.

So, this makes it interesting to know what chemical combination does an ash gourd got to do with milk (2% milk fat)?

Is it really a no-no to mix both ash gourd and the milk? or did i something else?

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Dumrot or Bitter-rot?

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We tried a boodh-kumbalakaayi (white pumpkin / ash gourd) dumrot  this evening. I vaguely remember the recipe that my dad makes. He makes the best kumbalakaayi halwa that I have tased so far. I had seen his recipe about 10 years ago, and tried to recall it to some extent and tried it today. garnished it a bit with almonds and ghee. I offered a cup of halwa to my wife. Kumbalakaayi halwa became her favorite when she ate few years ago that my dad prepared. I thought she was going to love it. Apparently, a small bite she took and returned the cup. I was surprised. I tried a bite. It somehow tasted BITTER. hmm… how could a sweet dumrot turn into bitter – remained a mystery.

Kumbalakaayi (white grated Pumpkin): 1 measure (cup?)
Sugar: 1 measure (cup?) (more the better according to your taste)
Ghee: 3 to 4 tbl spoons
Milk: 0.5 measure (cup?)
cardamom: 1 teaspoon
almond slices: 1 tbl spoon
Cashew: 1 tbl spoon

To Make:
Grate pumpkin. Squeeze out all the water. put the grated pumpkin and milk in a bowl and keep stirring on low-medium flame until the pumpkin and milk turn into a paste. You may add a bit saffron if you want. Now, add sugar and ghee and bring it to boil and stir it well. Garnish with almond slices and ghee fried cashews and serve hot.

well, I think i need to check with my parents if I have missed anything here to get this turned into bitter. )

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nammane oota thindi

"nammane oota thindi" translates to food prepared/consumed at home; a.k.a home food. Often in Bangalore (karnataka) we greet with people with the first sentence as "oota aaytha?" "thindi aaytha?" "adige aaytha?"; meaning, "have you had your lunch (dinner)/ breakfast" or "what have you cooked today?" etc.

Inspired with eating several food varieties these days,  I wanted to have another blog specifically for food and recipes outside of my general blog. Hoping to add bunch of recipes here, either learned from others, learned by experiments, learned from parents and friends, etc. We will make sure to give credit where it is due when mentioned about recipes that we learned from others, mention the links if the recipe referenced from another website/blog.

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