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What’s up with Ash gourd and milk?


Recently we prepared Ash Gourd / white pumpkin (boodh kumbalakaayi) halwa / dumrot. It somehow turned bitter and not really sweet. We couldn’t figure out looking at the ingredients of any items that could possibly make the finished product bitter.

However, I remember drinking the remained pumpkin extract (water) with some black pepper powder in my school days. I just tried that after preparing this halwa. It tasted fine at the time. I also heard if the gourd itself was a little bitter and that caused the end product bitter; but it wasn’t so. I now tried the same extract (water) warmed a little bit; put some pepper like the previous round but additionally added a little bit of milk and warmed again. I started sipping this sample. Although it was ok for initial couple of sips, I started sensing the bitter-ness. Well, milk was the only ingredient I added this time. so, this means warming up both ash gourd and milk would give bitter taste.

So, this makes it interesting to know what chemical combination does an ash gourd got to do with milk (2% milk fat)?

Is it really a no-no to mix both ash gourd and the milk? or did i something else?


December 2, 2008 Posted by | Did You Know?, Foods and Recipes, General | 2 Comments