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No salt home made pizza…

For couple of years now, I have been on a low/no sodium diet. It is just that my body doesn’t like any more sodium. Apparently almost every dish in my routine needs salt it and salt is the key ingredient with more sodium. So that means, I have to cut down on salt intake to keep my sodium level right.

One of my favorites in the past several years has been Pizza. If I had to eat pizza everyday, I would still love it. And i have missed Pizza so much in the past 2 years – though never missed salt in my daily routine. A slice of pizza might have about 1400mg of sodium and most part of sodium comes from Cheese, bread, and frozen vegetables used for pizza.

After seeing the recipe on Trent’s blog “The simple dollar” about home made pizza, and after several comments in the post, We made our mind to give it a try. Here is how it turned out to with some modifications to the recipe:


imageimage image

Things I changed from Trent’s recipe:

For Dough:
we don’t use Olive Oil, so used some no-salt-added butter and sunflower oil.
we don’t have the mixer, so kneeded the dough in hands


L’ made the tomato sauce with bunch of south indian style ingredients – including spices, onions, garlic, etc etc We have probably used several tomatoes to make the puree. NO-canned vegetables. Canned vegetables have more sodium ingredients.

Prior to baking:
NO Cheese – I couldn’t find a cheese without sodium ingredient in for past 2 years. We did not use cheese on this pizza. however, used the following vegetables as toppings.
Jalepeno pepper
bell pepper
coriander leaves
curry leaves

we had to keep it in oven for longer than 16 minutes – it was approx over 30minutes by the time the crust was properly baked. However, one bad thing i did was to keep it back in the oven without realizing oven was still hot enough to bake the crust further and realized 10 minutes later by then it was a little hard but was ok. we need to try another time.

However, I ate it for dinner and packed for lunch the following day. It turned out great and enjoyed my NO-Salt-Added-PIZZA.

We will try again in next couple of weeks.

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