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brahmaNa: bhOjana (bahu jana?) priyaha

Pizza Toppings…

Set of vegetables that goes to our home made pizza usually…


It is good to eat all the colors on our plate. I remember once my wife’s nutritionist had recommended several years ago – “Eat colors in your food” – arrange all colored vegetables and fruits for daily vegetable and fruit servings and not set to one vegetable or fruit. Wow! sounds really great, if we could manage to eat all these colors on a daily basis..

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Variety of Chaat items…

Here is what RjL and L had prepared couple few weeks ago, it was so yummy and I must have eaten so much. At the end of the eating session, I literally had to drag myself out of the dining table.


  • Tomato chaat
  • Cucumber chaat
  • Pani puri
  • masala puri
  • chole
  • dhahi puri
  • and various other things – yumm yumm yumm…
  • image image image

thank you L & L 🙂

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Cucumber Soup

We had tried a Cucumber soup a couple of years ago (posted here), and had almost forgotten about it. Looked at the post last night and coincidentally, we had all required ingredients at home as mentioned in that recipe. There – we tried it again. turned out great.

. Cucumber – 1 medium size
. Yogurt/butter milk – 1 cup
. Onions – 2 small ones
. black pepper – powdered – half teaspoon
. Salt – for taste
. Bread slices – 2
. coriander leaves – chopped – 1 tbl spoon
. ginger – 1 tsp

Preparation Steps:
Peel off the cucumber, cut into slices. Cut Onions to smaller size. Mix cucumber, onions, powdered black pepper and salt in a blender and grind them to the paste. Now add yogurt (or buttermilk) and mix well. If you prefer to this to be chilled, place it in refrigerator for few minutes/hours as appropriate

Toast the bread slices either in a bread toaster or on a skillet. Break the bread slices into small pieces. Take out the mix bowl from the refrigerator and add the chopped coriander leaves.

Pour the soup into the smaller bowls and top it off with the bread crumbs.

yum yum!

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