nammane oota thindi

brahmaNa: bhOjana (bahu jana?) priyaha

salad#1: Quick vegetable Salad



The other night when it was a bit late for both L’ and I to get home, it was hard to decide what to eat. We had some panipuri and bread that L’ and V’ were able to manage. For me, especially I don’t prefer to eat rice that late and not eat anything heavy late at nights either, looked at the refrigerator and found number of vegetables.

We thought, the besting thing is to try something vegetable.. so here it is:

Cut Onions into spirals, spread it across the plate.
heat up any frozen vegetables, we used frozen french cut beans, frozen peas (salt free),  frozen corn, trozen brocolli,
cut bell pepper (capsicum) into long pieces,
cut Tomato length wise,
Pitted Dates – cut into thin slices
carrots – slice into 2-3” lengths
1 teaspoon of cut ginger
Lemon or lime concentrate
Powdered black pepper
salt – to taste (note: it is only to taste – so taste a bit of salt and put it way, you don’t need to use it on salad 🙂 )
butter/cheese – cut few into little cubes (if you would like)

spread all the above vegetables on a plate into several layers. squeeze half a lemon on vegetables, sprinkle powdered black pepper a little, place those little butter/cheese cubes around, a teaspoon of olive oil, if you would like. and finally put spread a spoon of chopped coriander leaves (we didn’t have coriander that night), it gives some garnishing flavor.

In a way, it turned out great and I felt so good and was glad we didn’t go for rice that night.

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