nammane oota thindi

brahmaNa: bhOjana (bahu jana?) priyaha

Salad#3: Orange salad

It was a little funny when I made this a few months ago. image I have gotten into a habit of snacking something when I get back home in the evening. One evening, I noticed an orange on our dinner table and a bunch of grapes in the refrigerator. peeled off an orange and spread the slices on a plate. cut the Green seedless grapes into halves or several pieces. spread them around on top of oranges.


Now sprinkle some red chili powder, and black pepper powder. put some almond slices if you have. If you do, you may also add chopped coriander leaves.

If you don’t like cold tangy orange, keep the plate in microwave for a minute or so, so it warms up a little bit.

It was a great to snack on some cut fruits, and since I mostly like chili spice, this tasted great.


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