nammane oota thindi

brahmaNa: bhOjana (bahu jana?) priyaha

Quick fresh breakfast – Apple n’ Oats

i was recommended not to eat Apple as it increases Vaatha / Pittha (as in ayurvedic) combination. In my recent visit to the doctor, i asked if i can eat apple. He said, if I am so much to eat apple, eat it cooked. Well, i have heard of apple pie, cakes, etc… but i don’t enough time to make those. He recommended an easy one, and I customized it further to my taste 🙂

A quick bite in the morning – perhaps thats the amount of time most of us be able to find on busy days. Instead of hitting those restaurants to grab some junk Chips and high calorie burgers… and even compared to Oily Dosa or curries, though in the name of Vegetables we take lots of oily calories, and most nutrients would have evaporated in FULLY  cooked vegetable curries anyway…

I prepared it this morning and pretty much ate that for my brunch today. It was delicious, yummy and filling too… Here is how it goes


Apple #1 (medium to large sized)
almonds – about 6 to 10 (literally, a handful)
rolled oats – 4 to 5 tbl spoons
Honey – 2 tbl spoons
Jaggery – 1 tbl spoon (if available)
Banana – 1
Cardamom – 1 (for added flavor)


Cut the Apple into pieces (cubes?) –really, doesn’t matter but cut into smaller pieces and lay them on a ceramic plate. If you choose, you may prepare in a microwave oven bowl too, i just chose a plate.
spread the oats on top of the apple pieces.
cut the banana into pieces as well and spread the cut banana on top of oats.
Now, pour / spread Honey and / or Jaggery.
and sprinkle powdered cardamom for additional flavor

Place it in the Microwave oven or a conventional oven at 250 deg. I used a microwave oven and kept it for about 4 to 6 minutes with occasional check and stir for each 2 minute interval. Just look for Oats being mixed / cooked well. Oats absorbs the moisture from Apples at the bottom and the banana at the top, and hence becomes softer.

Apple becomes so soft, and I have heard, heated apples would reduce the vaatha  in your body. Banana would have completely melted and mixed into the powdered/rolled oats.

now take out the plate from the oven, and add more almonds or any kind of nuts you like, it gives a cruncy feeling when you eat.

Relish when it is warm. It tastes  better when it is warm of course.



Oats, Apples and Banana: they all add Fiber to your body
These are not cooked and the nutrients stay.
as fresh fruits do not add required calories, perhaps Almonds would cover that.
Honey replaces the artificial Sugar, and hence less calories. Although do watch out for the amount of Honey, use less.


You’ve got to try it out… 🙂

Actually, it turned out awesome.. much much better than the McDonalds Apple Pie. 🙂

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Salad #5: Quick Cucumber salad to my 4yr old


One evening, L and I thought of prep’ing a salad for us, but our 4yr imageold, being a picky eater, doesn’t eat all the vegetables. And a handful of vegetables being Cucumber, Tomato, carrots, and couple of others.

So here is a quick salad we made for her. and it excited her more because of the shapes and easier to get some vegetables to her body. 🙂

picture describes pretty much what’s required and what was done.
potato Chips

cut Cucumber and Tomato into thin slices and make the shapes you would want, in our case we tried the petals of a flower. Arrange the sliced pieces in circle. Place a last piece of tomato at the center, sprinkle some Almond cuts and Cashews. Place one Potato chip at the center. She being fond of potato chips it made a difference. 🙂  She also added ketchup on top of it – she loves ketchup.


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Oats Cutlet? Oats Patty?

                No, we haven’t named it right yet. image however, one morning we tried this for a breakfast. It turned out great and filling too.

original oats – 1cup
mustard seeds – half teaspoon (not mandatory)
peanuts – one tablespoon (not mandatory)
Jeera – one teaspoon (not mandatory)
green chilies – 2 (chop it to size you like)
onions (if required) – 2 tablespoons (chopped)
red chili powder – 1 teaspoon
salt – for your taste (i mean, take a bit taste and put it away) 🙂
olive oil – 1 or 2 tablespoons

Heat a skillet / vessel on a stove with 1 tablespoon of olive oil in it. Add some mustard seeds and for few minutes. follow the usual tadka process. add jeera and peanuts along. after 2 to 3 minutes with peanuts add the chopped green chilies and chopped onions. let the onion fry in oil for most part. add salt according to your taste as mentioned above

now, add one cup of oats and mix well. you may have to sprinkle some water to it can be mixed well for about 8 to 10 minutes, till you see the oats getting softened. and turn off the stove.

use a cookie cutter or a lid of a metal box/bottle would help too. fill the prepared oats mix into the template and drop it to a microwave safe or an oven safe tray (as appropriate).

to options to bake:
either you may use the Microwave or the conventional oven. We used microwave this time. place the tray in microwave oven for about 2 to 4 minutes. keep a watch along the way so it doesn’t get too hard and not get charred.

serve hot / warm with ketchup. I don’t eat Ketchup and the plate in this picture doesn’t show it.

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Salad#2: Baked vegetable salad

We had tried this a few years ago and not that often since then.  A few days ago, we thought of going for a salad for dinner – this we considered this a main course. 

a packet of lettuce/carrots combo – Garden Fresh salad packet
2 cups of french cut beans
1 onion   (slice into spirals/rings)
2 Jalapeño chilies (slice)
1 cup of corn
1 cup of green peas
1 Lemon  (slice one lemon )
handful of green grapes, cherries
1 tomato (slice one tomato)
1 cucumber (slice one cucumber)
1/2 yam, 1/2 potato (slice yam, and potato)
pepper powder, chili powder

arrange Lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, potato,yam slices in an oven safe tray. top up with cut beans, peas, corn, Jalapeño chilies, and any remaining vegetables from our list. pour some ketchup around. A bit of salt to taste (note: salt to taste, so take a bit taste the salt and put the salt bottle away, salad does not really need salt)

We also added some chili powder, pepper powder, dhaniya powder and other spices. you may add any other spices you would like. Add a spoon of Olive Oil, if you would like.

Pre-Heat the oven for 350 or 400 deg. place the tray in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. keep a watch after 20th minute for several times, just in case.  If you notice the content turning into a bit brown turn off the oven, and keep the tray there for few more minutes.

after oven heated, the outcome looked like this:


and this was another version without ketchup and salt

overall – it was yummy!!!

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