nammane oota thindi

brahmaNa: bhOjana (bahu jana?) priyaha

Salad#2: Baked vegetable salad

We had tried this a few years ago and not that often since then.  A few days ago, we thought of going for a salad for dinner – this we considered this a main course. 

a packet of lettuce/carrots combo – Garden Fresh salad packet
2 cups of french cut beans
1 onion   (slice into spirals/rings)
2 Jalapeño chilies (slice)
1 cup of corn
1 cup of green peas
1 Lemon  (slice one lemon )
handful of green grapes, cherries
1 tomato (slice one tomato)
1 cucumber (slice one cucumber)
1/2 yam, 1/2 potato (slice yam, and potato)
pepper powder, chili powder

arrange Lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, potato,yam slices in an oven safe tray. top up with cut beans, peas, corn, Jalapeño chilies, and any remaining vegetables from our list. pour some ketchup around. A bit of salt to taste (note: salt to taste, so take a bit taste the salt and put the salt bottle away, salad does not really need salt)

We also added some chili powder, pepper powder, dhaniya powder and other spices. you may add any other spices you would like. Add a spoon of Olive Oil, if you would like.

Pre-Heat the oven for 350 or 400 deg. place the tray in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. keep a watch after 20th minute for several times, just in case.  If you notice the content turning into a bit brown turn off the oven, and keep the tray there for few more minutes.

after oven heated, the outcome looked like this:


and this was another version without ketchup and salt

overall – it was yummy!!!

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