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Salad #5: Quick Cucumber salad to my 4yr old


One evening, L and I thought of prep’ing a salad for us, but our 4yr imageold, being a picky eater, doesn’t eat all the vegetables. And a handful of vegetables being Cucumber, Tomato, carrots, and couple of others.

So here is a quick salad we made for her. and it excited her more because of the shapes and easier to get some vegetables to her body. 🙂

picture describes pretty much what’s required and what was done.
potato Chips

cut Cucumber and Tomato into thin slices and make the shapes you would want, in our case we tried the petals of a flower. Arrange the sliced pieces in circle. Place a last piece of tomato at the center, sprinkle some Almond cuts and Cashews. Place one Potato chip at the center. She being fond of potato chips it made a difference. 🙂  She also added ketchup on top of it – she loves ketchup.


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Salad #4: Cucumber salad

we tried this salad over the week end, and turned out well.


Cucumber – 2 (chopped)  (approx 63cents)
Tomatoes – 1 (chopped)  (~ 5 cents)
onion – (small to medium) – 1 chopped (~ 5cents)
Jalapeño chili – 1 (sliced)  (~2 cents)
bell pepper (green) – half  – chopped (~40cents)
bell pepper (other colors – yellow, orange, red) (optional, but adds better taste) we didn’t these in picture above
carrot – 1 (chopped/sliced) (~6 cents)
black pepper powder – 1 teaspoon
if you have any dressing (italian, ranch, …) according to your taste, it might add a good flavor and taste. 

Mix all the vegetables in a bowl. Add the dressing if you choose to and mix them well. Refrigerate if you like the salad to be cold or warm it up a little bit in microwave if you choose it to be a bit warm. I tried warm, and it was good. add some crushed ginger as well. Add a teaspoon of olive oil if you would like.

scoop the salad into a plate. sprinkle a tea spoon of black pepper powder across. garnish with sliced almonds, pitted dates, chopped coriander. place this plate (if microwave’ble) in a microwave for a minute to warm this up if you wanted it to be warm. Add tomato ketchup if you would like. Salt to taste. No we didn’t add salt on our plates 🙂

Turn out:
it turned out very tasty. I ate this for evening snack, dinner and a breakfast. Cost for ingredients above was below $1.50 and that served for 3 times.

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Salad#3: Orange salad

It was a little funny when I made this a few months ago. image I have gotten into a habit of snacking something when I get back home in the evening. One evening, I noticed an orange on our dinner table and a bunch of grapes in the refrigerator. peeled off an orange and spread the slices on a plate. cut the Green seedless grapes into halves or several pieces. spread them around on top of oranges.


Now sprinkle some red chili powder, and black pepper powder. put some almond slices if you have. If you do, you may also add chopped coriander leaves.

If you don’t like cold tangy orange, keep the plate in microwave for a minute or so, so it warms up a little bit.

It was a great to snack on some cut fruits, and since I mostly like chili spice, this tasted great.

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